Park View. 30.5.23

Taking matters into their own hands, Park View are a band keen to get things done and get themselves heard.  Damian Robinson caught up with the band abot new single Red and White and about seizing the moment. 

In terms of the new single could you explain a little about the idea behind the song?   

So this song is really just about how young and carefree we all were. Getting drunk in a field, running away from the police with your mates and not worrying about a thing. This single really just shows our shared experience in youth and how we don’t want to forget it or let it slip away. 

There’s an interesting sound on the single, how did you mix and produce the record?    

We went down to Manchester to record at Mad Fox studios. As a band we thrive off trying new things like making music with new people and really using these experiences to better our own songs and skills. We recorded the song in a day with our producer Tayte Nickols and we all couldn’t thank him enough really. Working with him definitely showed us how much we have to learn and how much we can actually achieve. We had a lot of fun making the song and we really believe this single reflects that. 

There seems to be a really important centre to the heart of Red and Blue – could you say a few words about the type of impact you want the material to have?   

This song holds a fair amount of sentiment to us but at the heart of ‘Red and Blue’ I guess is the reality that life wasn’t always so intense or stressful and that if it was okay to let loose then, maybe it’s okay to do it now once in a while. The song I think reminds us of how similar we all are and how everyone has their own version of the same youth you know? Theres an ethos in Newcastle that ‘shy bairns get nowt’ and it’s one we believe in. If you want something go and get it and hopefully the energy and effort put into this song can reflect this. 

In terms of the future, what’s next for Park View and do you have gigs/new material planned for later in the year- and if so how can we keep up with your activities?  

So unfortunately we did miss festival applications this year but in our defence we were not a band then. However, we have multiple gigs through the summer and of course our brand new single will be out soon.  We can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Other than that our main headline of the summer will be at the Globe in Newcastle on the 29th of July so to those reading get your tickets!!