Humanx. Love or nothing

Exploding like the soundtrack to an 80s Hollywood blockbuster, the new tune from Humanx does exactly what pop music should do. Instantly accessible, upbeat, and filled with universal themes of self-interest, ‘Love or nothing’ is the type of pop which allows all listeners to instantly relate to, and enjoy, it’s key messages and melodies. Like the best of pop, ‘loves”s key strength is it’s ability to help us easily identify ourselves as the star of the song, moving our relationship with the track from one listener to chief participant. As a result the music helps us to become the star of the blockbuster, and with it, we are able to dream that anything is possible; the way that things are in the film world.

Upbeat from it’s synth introduction, ‘Love or Nothing’ is pop at it’s sleekest and most inspiring with its big choruses, big melodies and big ideas. Multi tracked, soaring, vocals from Lindsey Brooks emote over a rock/synth/pop architecture with a sound not far away from Kenny Loggins ‘Playing with the boys’ and a narrative close to the emotive ‘feel’ of Berlin’s ‘Take my breath away’; either way, Tom Cruise is around here somewhere, with double-slapped hand pumps, big smiles and heroic visions.

If you like accessible, clever pop, which makes you feel like you can achieve anything, look no further.