Bosko Green. 28.3.23

Returning with tales of a dark future, folk and alternative punk act Bosko Green brings new EP ‘Scenes from a dystopian present’ to life in May.  Damian Robinson caught up with Bosko to find out about life, music and the future.

You’re about to release your new material, Scenes From A Dystopian Present, could you explain a little about the premises of the materials please? 

The EP is an exploration of a world in which increasing levels of inequality lead to increased levels of despondency.

There’s an interesting sound on lead single State Of Decay, how did you manage to blend acoustic instruments with an intentionally angry feeling?   

For many years I’ve performed with a great deal of passion and capturing that energy on record has long been a goal of mine. I’m entirely self-taught and do everything myself on my cheap, outdated equipment so there’s been a lot of trial and error along the way, this EP marks the culmination of years of work. I feel I’ve captured the raw emotion and energy while also creating a polished sounding record.

There seems to be a really important centre to the heart of the material – could you say a few words about the type of impact you want the material to have?  

I would love for this EP to strike a chord with the listener, offer a relatable perspective, maybe even light a fire within them. Ultimately, though, I’d just like for people to enjoy the music.

The video for State of decay is really impacting -and clearly took a lot of effort- how was the video put together?  

A lot of the effort was put in by our wonderful robot overlords. I used the lyrics of the songs and EP and track titles as prompts for an AI video generator and then I edit the resulting clips to make the music video. The cover art of the EP was also AI generated. The use of AI was purely a thematic choice as doing so suits the nature of the EP.

 In terms of the future, do you have gigs/new material planned for later in the year- and if so how can we keep up with your activities? 

I’ve always found booking gigs very difficult but I do manage to from time to time and advertise them through social media, I’m on everything at either @BoskoGreen or /BoskoGreen. I’d love to hear from anyone who would like to book me to play, just contact any of the social media pages.

Scenes from a Dystopian Present is out 1st May.