Yes Plant – Telephone

Taking another leap forward, both in sound as well as concept, ‘Telephone’, the new single from Yes Plant, may prove to be one of the biggest earworm pieces of the year.  Structured with a gentle pop/disco aesthetic, the hook of Telephone is the trick it plays in convincing you that it’s a gentle, repetitive, cycle of sounds and lyrics (the earworm part) in a reverence towards our consumer desires.  You’ll have to listen to hear the surprise, but I’d be impressed if you saw it coming (the concept part).

Taken as a single from a forthcoming album, Telephone may well be the breakout moment for the Planters; full of interesting sounds, trap-doors and minimalist production.

Telephone came out on the 7th August, and is available on all streaming (Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud, Amazon etc), Bandcamp (for free).  An accompanying music video on YouTube is also available.