Rat Boy. 8.3.17

Hi Jordan, you’ll be back in Newcastle playing Newcastle Uni on the 27th  April.  You played Newcastle twice last year, with each tour venue getting bigger and bigger.  Are you enjoying the success of your live shows or do you find it places more pressure on you having a great show every night?
We love playing live. All the boys together and traveling. Seeing people go mad. We try and give more and more every night. Newcastle is so good, every time we play here there’s been amazing shows. We don’t think about pressure we’re too busy having fun and want to make sure that the crowd does too; 
As a result of playing larger venues, have you had to change the sound of your music in any way?
The style of music is always evolving. We’re finding new ways to write and record. That’s what’s amazing about music, it never stops or ends. Always a new way to do things. I think the style is still the same fast tempo, fast vocal storytelling. I’m just mashing up so much music I’ve listened to into some new modern British punk. There’s a couple new ones that are a bit more chilled 
You’ve been pretty quiet about a release date, but can we expect your debut album to drop at some point during the tour?
There’s been a few release dates but they keep moving because I keep writing. There’s new songs and new favourites every week. So it’s tough to not let that keep going. We’ve all felt now’s the time to get the record out and confirmed for summertime release end of July. So for this album tour you’ll hear us play the new ones on the album! 

From your Twitter feed, it looks like you’ve been spending a long time in the studio recording your album.   Are you excited to get back out on the road and into touring mode or do you prefer the studio environment?
I prefer doing both; and a balance of both is perfect. Solid studio time is good but it’s healthy to get out and tour and travel and be with the team on the road. But now I’ve got it set up so I can record on the bus and do it all at the same time. Both at the same time is best for me 

You have a huge amount of tracks on your soundcloud so you’re obviously a productive artist. Are there any plans for those ideas?  Perhaps further releases in 2017 or writing for other artists?
I have about +100 more on my private soundcloud list! I’m planning to collaborate so much pretty much immediately after we package the album. I’ve been speaking to MF doom’s people last year but couldn’t start on a proj as I was so focused on the record. I got some production for artists I want to do and also mess around with writing and features. Shout out to Pharell and Princes Nokia! 
Finally, the title of the album ‘Scum’ is it directed towards anyone in particular?
It just sums up everything. It’s mine and my dads favourite film, with Ray Winstone. He’s recently said he’s a fan of my music actually which was so flattering… and we gave him and his daughter some SCUM merch. Which is my clothing line.. I’m definitely giving him the album and hope he’s into it!