Not myself – Drown

Even though it’s been a few years since the mighty Massa Confusa temporarily exiled themselves from the North East, regular Easter tour dates, and banging new singles, mean they’re still making sufficient noise to be heard back in their beloved North East.

Spinning out into various separate collaborations, Massa co-creator Ally Morton further continues to fly the Massa flag and develop his song writing/production skills; this time with the San Sebastian based Not Myself.

Though not a Massa record, sprinklings of their dark, post punk, sound envelope most of ‘Drown’; most noticeably in the top-end, prominent, Joy Division bass lines and the narratives calling out edges of light within the worlds of darkness.

Dark, edgy and cinematic ‘Drown’ adds further credence to Morton’s ability to create meaningful, creative, structures whilst retaining one eye on pop sensibilities and hooks.  Lovely in it’s own right, Drown shows Morton may have more than one great band to work with.