June 2021

Lemonheads – Hospital

I’ve been relistening to a lot of Baby I’m bored this month – as soon as I hear Evan’s voice I can’t but help but return to the source.

Tina Turner – Whole Lotta Love

It seems to have got panned, but I loved Cruella – wicked sound track.

Tricky – Here comes the Aliens

The Tricky audiobook reminds me of just how much I loved Tricky Kid around the time of PMT; this B-side maybe being my favourite of his releases – or maybe it’s for real, or christiansands, or she makes me wanna die, or Strugglin…

No Doubt – It’s my life

Alongside Massive Attack’s output I could put this into every month’s list. This and Penny Lane have my favourite bass lines of all times… perfect pop.

Tears for Fears – Everybody wants to rule the world

The greatest pop song of all time?

Benefits – We See You

Darlington’s Sleaford Mods

PM Dawn – Set a drift on Memory Bliss

The best hip-hop track meets the best of the Spandeau crew. Subterranean by design.

Jesus and Mary Chain – Cherry Came too

Sometimes the Mary Chain are so good it’s impossible to know what to say about them – maybe i’ll just say that I’d love to fall in love with a girl called Cherry so that I could sing this to her everyday.

Ian Hunter – Dandy

A free Mojo cd brings a bunch a nonsense, and a hidden gem.

Elvis – Blackstar

Still finding out clue’s about the greatest art-death.

Doves- Caught by the river

Not sure where this one dropped out of – but it always reminds me of seeing Doves play Sydney in the early 2000s. Years later I fell in love with a girl who loved the band, only for her to leave. Now the song tracks a combination of forms and memories – an optimistic love song, a song soundtracking being in love, a song soundtracking heart-break and, today, a song for wasting time in the past wondering what-if.

Jade Bird – Now is the time

Love the melody line on this

Goldie – Mother

Like Massive Attack and No doubt and Tears for Fears I could mention this every month… I have already a number of times already.. the greatest, most emotive, most conceptual track of my lifetime. Totally overlooked and total genius.

Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms

Ed Milliband talked about a scence he loved in The West Wing – i’m not sure which – but it did make me reflect on mine; the moment when Martin Sheen finds what he’s looking for in a moment soundtracked by Dire Straits. As I’m listening to this my mum texts about nothing in particular- I don’t want her to die.

Bobby Gillespie, Jenny Beth – Remember we were lovers

Andy Bell/ Glok – Maintaining the Machine

My 2 favourite new releases; both shouldnt work but both do – the Bell track in particular I find really interesting.