January 2019

‘Things’ – Paul Westerberg

Reawoken to this beauty by Evan Dando’s cover on the new Lemonheads album.  ‘You’ll be a song I sing, a thing I give away’

Blue Rose Code – Ebb & Flow

A quick piece of research before an interview sent me on the path to this Postcard style piece of gospel pop.

Drive Soundtrack

On repeat for much of the month, with a penchant to repeat ‘Nightcall’ a number of times before I move on.

Rock Steady – Aretha Franklin

A highlight from The Upside; funky, steady and horns.  The Queen does what only she could do.

The Coasters – Sh Boom Life could be a dream

I’m convinced this is in a Scorsese, but I can’t seem to find it…

Yo La Tengo – Can’t forget

Learnt of this through Evan’s cover. Like a meeting between Buddy Holly and Gram Parsons….

Straight crazy -galactic

Light, funky, and toe-tapping. A lovely dance floor track with the sound of the summer.

Mr Ben and The Bens

Sunflower Bean meets Devandra Banhart for the coolest piece I’ve heard in some time.


Paper trails – darkside

With its Bumbling bass line and dark vocals this is a door into the other world.  I told you i would get you.


R.E.M. carnival of sorts

More guitarists should play their guitars with the intensity of peter buck. It really is that simple

Eddie Vedder – Society

It’s never usually a good sign when this one ends up repeat….


No change – hungry t

I need more drum n bass in my life.   A warm up track that caught me skanking before the Kahuna gig in Newcastle.

John Grant – Black Belt

An absolute weapon from Grant and the highlight of his January show at the Sage.  I see through your antics.  You got really nice clothes, bet you didn’t pay for those.