feb paylist 18

Ian Dury – reasons to be cheerful part 3

Kicking off with the words to set your mindset by; recently resurrected by Mr Bryne.  Is it me or do the opening drums have a feel of hand jive?


Sonic Youth – Kool Thing

Anger mixed with the middle finger.  The Youths tell anyone listening that sometimes you just say no.  I don’t wanna.


Stone Temple Pilots – Sour girl

Staying in the alternative world for Scott’s finest vocal and heartbreaking tale of knowing that your best may be good, but sometimes not good enough.  I was a Superman but looks can be deceiving.

Janes Addiction – Jane Says

My favourite version of the most alternatively alternative track.  Keep your drums, we”ll use bongos.  I’m gonna kick tomorrow.

Bad Brains – Attitude

On constant repeat one morning before a big day at work.  We don’t care what you might say – we got that PMA.  This should be the national anthem.

New order – Mr Disco

Classic electronic bliss from one of the greatest UK bands of all time.  I can’t find my piece of mind.

Nine Inch Nails – Slipping away

Reznor can pull me through so many days with his example of single mindednesses and use of anger.  I needed this piece of inspiration more than once this month.

Dandy Warhols – Fast Driving Rave up

Let’s not stay on the dark side for too long.  My favourite 90s band, maybe apart from the Propellerheads, kick out the jams with pop sensibilities and fuzz.  The newer bands focused on shoegazing seem to forgo the pop don’t they!?

David Bowie – Rebel Rebel

On repeat most mornings when it’s been snowing and i’ve needed positive energy to start the morning.  Right up with the greatest tracks about being young, being carefree and pushing the boundaries of society.  Hot tramp I love you so.