March 2018 playlist

Replacements – Hold my life

Still the greatest, most sincere, punk band of a generation.  Fuelled by Rickenbackers and regret, the Mats blend anger with a knowledge of what could have been.  Westerberg has a voice designed for upbeat tracks about wasted opportunities.

Replacements – little mascara

Fuck it, if we’re doing one Mats track, we’re doing another one.  Screaming guitars, finger pointing, snotty, angry, intense… the sound of a band on a mission.  Elements of Bryan Adams do creep through though, don’t they.

Leftfield – open up

Rotten performs this live in his Pil shows, Leftfield won’t play it live without Rotten.  Tragedy or comedy? probably publicity

Jesse Malin – Tomorrow Tonight

Voice of a generation, Malin, puts passion into the vocals the way he seems to put passion into every he touches.  I pledged allegiance to a lie.

Drop Kick Murphys – Shippin off to boston

The Roy-Keane-in-the-video one; both the song and the player being all or nothing fine examples of punk and all it stands for.

Stranglers – No more heroes

Whatever happened?

Ramones – Havana Affair

A lonely night and a trip to see the Ramonas reminded me of who i’m meant to be.

I used to make a living, man Pickin’ the banana. Now I’m a guide for the CIA Hooray for the USA!


Green day – Novocaine

A live version.  Great 50’s style ballad which keeps in to become part day-dream, part nightmare.  Jimmy says it’s better than air.

Go go’s – suf city

Jane was always my favourite.  Beach boys meets Go Gos meets pop meets punk meets attitude meets sassy.  Check out the parties for a surfer girl.

Green day – Quatro

The movie to the soundtrack of a man running so fast and so hard that it had to catch up with him.  Determination never looked so good.

It makes you freak out when people don’t freak out.