Catalyse Band. ‘LED’

Picture yourself left stranded in a city centre on a night out, after the clubs have ended and your friends have gone home, and it’s just you and your desire to carry the party onwards.  Slightly susceptible to offers, but never lacking in confidence, these next few hours could lead you anywhere.  Hopefully that’s somewhere sensible, but you know it probably won’t be.

Well the Catalyse Band’s new single ‘LED’ may be the perfect soundtrack to that feeling.

Taking it’s form in a loud, distorted, alternative rock feel, the sound of the track promises a look inside what it means to know what you want, and how you’re going to get it, and not being afraid to tell anyone.   Opening gambits “I just want to stay up cause I’m not tired/ I got tired eyes but my brains wired. You don’t know me/ but I know you/ don’t expect a lot /I just came to change the world” showcase both the certainty of the main character and also the acknowledgement that they may, well, not be like other boys.

A riff heavy guitar background provides the track with a well-constructed, and cleverly produced, musical feel which is close in sound to both the sleezier elements of Kyuss and the onslaught feeling of Royal Blood.

A great song for moments when you’re feeling special and want to tell the world.