New Money – Sheep

A decent, and well produced, debut release from Newcastle’s New Money, Sheep blazes into town with a distinct air of the type of non-committal, slightly jaded, personalities made famous by various turn of the century britpoppers who’d ridden the high waves and were getting a bit bored of the tabloids and ‘next big thing’ labels.  Driven by interesting guitar parts, deliberate lo-fi sonics, and fine lead vocals, Sheep blends a post-grunge 90s feel with moments of deliberate trip hoppy rhythms and tempos; you’re in a similar culture of Blur’s Blur here, or Supergrasses In it for the money.  Enveloped by Ghost Town style woo woo’s collective vocals, Sheep, if anything sounds like a record made too early by a young band; but maybe they’ve reached that jaded stage already.  A strong, if not overly original, debut.