Trendsetting – Envy Motel

Grounded in an (early) Arctic Monkeys guitar overload, and mixed with the (deliberately) shambolic production of Up the Bracket era Libertines, there’s something very early/mid 2000s about the new one from Envy Motel.  That is, until you listen to the words.  Because for all of the spiky guitars and once-mainstream pounding indie baselines which wrap into the sound of Trendsetter, what separates it from the work it closely emulates is its modern setting.  Hoisting two fingers up to social media, and exploring the reality of living on and off line lives, Trendsetting’s strength is its personal account of living inside of a generation who’s every action is recorded online and the pressure faced to keep up appearances.  If the Manic Street Preachers were just starting out, and they were mixing the sound of angry guitars with a scream at modern day living, it may well wound like this.  Great stuff.