Massa Confusa – The Tourist

Massa Confusa have never been an outfit to shy away from the darker sides of social behaviour and the human condition.  Brave, highly-personal and designed to hold a mirror up to society, ‘Tourist’ sees Massa push this exploration even further than usual, investigating the sensations of alienation, forced migration and society’s lack of empathy towards those unwillingly displaced from their homes.  Sound tracked by a dark, Massive Attack styled, trip hop rhythm, Tourist builds it’s sense of claustrophobia through use of a menacing piano melody over which are sung androgynous, distorted, vocals repeating the lines ‘I’m not a tourist’, ‘I’m not a terrorist’.   Highly personal, Tourist reflects on both the effects of core member Ally Morton’s recent relocation to Spain and also society’s demonization of the things we do not understand.

Promising to return to their louder, post-punk, sound soon, Tourist shows off Massa’s musical abilities and their search for new styles and sounds.  A fantastic trip into the heart of darkness.