The Lovely Eggs. 21.2.20

Psych-Punk duo The Lovely Eggs have built a reputation for both interesting sounds as well as a staunch ‘Do it yourself’ approach to managing their output.   Damian Robinson caught up with the band to find out more about ‘I am moron’ and their forthcoming tour.

I see that the new album, I am moron, is influenced by the Mars One program; has that influenced shaped the album’s sound or is this more about the concept?

It’s a bit of both.  How we think about Mars One is that it represents some of how we feel in a way, which is it hints at those who are disenfranchised and sick of the modern consumer culture which feeds our disenfranchisement.  Mars One was always a reference for us, and has been for some time, especially when it makes us think about the way most of us live our lives.

I’ve been to a few of your shows and I get the impression that your audience often feel as disenfranchised?

Absolutely, the Egg-heads as we call them are all trying to reach out and connect with people who think the same and don’t want to feel alone.  Trust us when we say that our audience is more important to us than we will be to them, we need that energy and connection as much as anyone else.  When we play we want it to be a party and we want to connect with others, and help them connect with those around them.  We’re in this together and in a way they’re the travellers with us in our Mars One.

The lives shows are more important to you than the recording process?

They’re both just as important, though we’d say the live shows are essential to the band.  Newcastle is always a great place to play, and it’s a great venue to open the tour with as it’s full of like minded people interested in connecting.  We’re here to put on shows that are 2-way and Newcastle always helps us feel that the gig is not just a soundcheck, we’re all here to gather together.

And the DIY aspect of the band is still hugely important?

It’s essential yeah, we want to control our sound and our message and we want that control rather than passing it on to some record control.  This is our message and this is a message we believe in.  We’ll be in Newcastle doing a signing before the gig so for those who want to come and say hi, or to chat about the album or about anything, we’d love to say hi. 

The Lovely Eggs play The Cluny on 9th April.  They will be signing records in RPM from 4pm on the same day.