Kelvin Jones. 7.10.19

Zimbabwean born, UK raised singer-songwriter Kelvin Jones has been making big waves in Germany in 2019.  Following up gold single ‘Call you home’ Jones returned earlier this year with the soulful ‘Lights on’.  Damian Robinson caught up with Jones to talk about live music, getting big in Germany, and plans for 2020.

We’re loving ‘Lights on’, you must be really proud of it.  Was it hard to follow up the success of ‘Call you home’?

In a way it was, but in a different way it wasn’t.  I write music all of the time, it’s what I live for, so I’m always writing new music or reflecting on what I’ve recorded.  Whilst there may be a slight pressure to follow up ‘Call you home’, I’ll always be my toughest critic so as long as I please myself everything else will take care of itself.

‘Lights on’ sounds like a progression from ‘Call you home’, how tough were you with yourself about that track?

Lights on moves my music forward, I think, so it took a while for me to be okay with how the song builds and what it’s about.  Again it’s one of those tracks where when I played it to friends they said it didn’t sound like me, and I was happy with that because I wanted to explore new sounds but also to be comfortable to do so.  Once the track was released then there was no more internal criticism; by the point a song is released I’m entirely comfortable with it.

There’s talk of a new album in 2020, is that correct?

It is yes, I wrote most of the tracks earlier in the year and, deliberately, I’ve given myself a few months away from them so that I can come back and revisit them.  They’re being reviewed now and I’m enjoying the reaction the people I play the tracks to are giving them.

You’re across recording for German TV at the minute, how’s it been going in Germany and what’s next for you?

I wasn’t expecting such a large German audience and the reaction over here has been special.  It’s been really enjoyable being across here.  Tomorrow I get back to the UK and get out on tour immediately.  I’m supporting Kovic in October and then the plan next year is to play as much as I can in the UK.

Do you prefer playing live to recording and writing?

I think some artists are good at recording, some are good at writing, and some are good at playing live.  I’d say my strength, and the place where my music sounds its best, is when it’s played live.  Playing live, and interacting with people who love live music, is a privilege and something I’d like to do for as long as I can.

Kelvin Jones supports Kovic at ThinkTank on 13th October.  ‘Lights on’ and future tour dates can be found on