December 2016 playlist

I’m conscious that a few months ago my playlists were mostly made of up new releases, and this month they’re new old favourites.  New music will always be new music I guess, but I am spending too much time in by gone eras?


Etta James- Stormy weather

Somehow managing to out soul Billy’s original, Etta breaks my heart into a million pieces on this track.  Perhaps it’s the cold weather and the dark nights, or perhaps there’s just some melancholia in the air, but this feels perfect at the minute.


David Bowie- It’s gonna be me

And just which ‘me’ will it be Mr. Bowie?

Taken from the recent Gouster release, this is one of my favourite Bowie ‘me’s’.  Channeling Dusty Springfield whilst being backed by a sparse sound, jazz piano and Luther Vandross as band leader; Bowie leaves his 1974 Iggy influence behind and instead moves into r n’b.


Human Beinz-  Nobody but me

It took me absolutely ages to find this video- but I knew it existed!!

Skip up to 2.35 and listen to the sound of original gangster rockers Human being play like the Clash but sound like Stevie Windwood.

Track One on the Video is also a favorite (Shippin off to Boston).


Lafayette Afro Rock Band- Hihache

Building on the concept of monkeys, typewriters and the bible; leave YouTube on random for long enough and it’ll produce magic.

Sounding like a funkier ‘Pick up the pieces’ Lafayette bring toe tapping funk right to your door and keep knocking until you let the groove in.


Charlie Wilson- Alright Lady (Let’s make a baby)

Okay so Vinyl was really disappointing, but the scenes with Bowie, the New York dolls and this one made the season well worth investing time in.

Issac Hayes meets Prince meets Sly.

Could you get funkier?


Kool & the Gang- Hollywood Swining

The intro plays and you think someone is going to shout out a request to clear their throat; instead they shout to clear the dance floor.

Nod your head along in approval.


The Prodigy- The Way it is

Pretty much universally panned on release, ‘Always outnumbered never outgunned’ had some moments of genius.

‘Spitfire’ lit the sky up, ‘Girls’ took them into 80’s grooves and this track made us remember just how good wacko-jacko had been; especially at a time when we needed reminding the most.

Great alternative video this one too.

That’s just the way it is- right up with ‘fuck em and their law’ as a lifestyle choice.


Beastie Boys- Triple Trouble

Once you’re locked into an 80’s sampling groove, you might as well stay there.

They came from punk, moved to hip hop, but always kept their homage to the Ramone’s by copying their philosophy of covering up serious messages with cartoon humour.


Girls- Magic

The greatest ELO and George Harrison track you’ve never heard.


The Gaslight Anthem- American Slang

Usually my Monday morning track when I need an injection of energy.

I love his backing vocals on the refrain- god only knows what he’s actually singing.


Johnny Marr- The Trap

Such an eloquent, melodic, beautiful song.

So good, and so meaningful, I’ve left Johnny to explain it himself.

It’s a trap, it’s a trap, it’s a trap.