Si Beckwith. 1.1.23.

Following up on the success of his debut solo show ‘Get Lush’, North East comedian Si Beckwith returns with his new show ‘Bricks’, a show focused on becoming a new step-parent, about what family means, and a tiny bit about Lego. Damian Robinson caught up with Si to find out more about the show before it’s debut at the Alphabetti Theatre. 

Bricks is going to be the follow-up to your well-received ‘Get Lush’ show.  Could you tell us a little about the themes for the show and some of your key premises?

The show is about me becoming a step-parent and my relationship with my daughter. 

There’s themes of family, what makes a good parent, my upbringing, social class, swearing and adulting. And silliness. There’s lots of silly fun.

On reflection from Get Lush, did you learn any lessons from the show and how did those lessons impact your work with Bricks? 

I did. One show can often bleed into the next, but that was particularly pertinent here, as Covid stopped Get Lush in its tracks, so there’s a carryover of themes that were hinted at in that show and are brought to the fore here. It’s certainly made Bricks a much better-structured show.

You performed Bricks a couple of times in 2022, how did you feel the shows went and are you the type of comic that will be evaluating and amending your material as you react to audience feedback?

The shows couldn’t have gone much better. The feedback was immense, and I think badgering away on prep-work for this really made the difference in being able to bring something strong to previews. I learned a lot in terms of how theatre makers approach shows, and tried to really research and develop this show fully, and constantly work at making bits better and stronger. 

In terms of local venues, you seem to like playing at Alphabetti Theatre – is there a particular reason you enjoy that venue and/or something special that the venue provides?

I LOVE Alphabetti. It’s like a home-from-home. I’d performed in every venue they’ve ever had, right back to when they started above the Dog and Parrot, and always had a great working relationship with them. I’d done various bits, and did freelance work for them for a while too. They’re the best team, and it is absolutely a local treasure.

In terms of 2023, what other plans/ shows do you have and what are you hoping to achieve this year?

Lots and lots of gigs. I’ve got another show in the pipeline which might squeeze in at the end of 2023. Doing Bricks a few more times, potentially taking it to the Fringe, we’ll see. But just lots of gigs, lots of places.

Si Beckworth’s ‘Bricks’ comes to Alphabetti Theatre on Saturday 4th March 2023.