Data Haven – Data Haven

Around the turn of the century, LTJ Bukem’s Logical Progression series was labelled as ‘intelligent drum-n-bass’; so called for its collection of break-beats and layered electronic sounds which were woven into a progressive, almost classical, style of composition.  

Wind the clock forward twenty years and Bukem’s manifesto can still be seen as influential; Data Haven’s theme for their self-titled album being similar to that of the Logical Progression ethos in taking drum-n-bass/garage breaks and using them to create a continuous journey across the drum-n-bass universe.

Hard edged/claustrophobic in places (Utopia) and more ambient in others (308, Residual Self Image) the success of Data Haven is its ability to combine almost all of the break beat styles and roll them up into one continuous piece of work.

Well composed, interestingly sequenced, and full of deep reflection, Data Haven may not be genuinely innovative, but it does follow a considerable blueprint.