Holy Moly and the Crackers – Take a bite

Earlier this year co Holy front person Conrad Bird talked about his apprehension with some of the new direction coming out of the band; eager to please, the nerves were less about the quality of the music, and more about their accessibility.  How would their gypsy-folk fans relate to a newer, slightly poppier, more polished, collection of tracks?   Earlier single ‘All I got is you’ set expectations with a high energy search for the pop charts.  Still layered with traditional Holy instruments (violins, horns and accordions) ‘All’ achieved the aim of sounding like Holy Moly, but pushing the boundaries into new directions.  Which, really, is how you could describe the album; this is Holy Moly as their usual up for it selves, whilst at the same time being inspired by their search for progression.  Highlight ‘Upside down’ pushes the pop sound to its zenith whilst ‘This little light’ proves that their still folk at heart.  No need to be worried Conrad.