Mr Bigfoot – Kamel Kane

If you want to make an angry, edgy, record about being frustrated, bored and thoroughly exhausted with another person, then there are worse things you could do than take (debut-era) Libertines guitar chaos, mix it with (Sabotage era) Beastie Boys distortion and sprinkle some (Breathe era) Prodigy break beats over the top.

Loud, noisy and nicely produced, the new one from the Teeside alternative rock outfit Mr Bigfoot pretty much delivers on its intent; capturing the sound, and feel, of someone right on the point of swinging to take another person’s head off.  Perhaps lacking originality, Khemikal Kane is nonetheless an interesting performance art piece; the band channelling the vocal screams you would make at someone doing-your-head in with a forcefulness of music playing that captures the angry movements you might make at the point where you’ve finally had enough.  A nice intention with a well-executed delivery.