Deepfake – Home Recordings

One of the beautiful mysteries about music is that just when you’re getting a little jaded with a certain genre, up pops a collection of interesting records which pull you back in and reignite your original excitement.    Doing his best to blaze up the electro pop/ Mumble category, local MC Deepfake comes on particularly strong with his new, superbly interesting, collection of original cuts.  Spanning four tracks, Home Recordings blossoms with colour, pace and textures; taking on everything from 80s pop beeps and baps (‘End’), before walking across jazz/breakbeat landscapes (‘Cloudgazing’) and landing back in a menaced trip hop meets synth location (‘Yorkie’ and ‘San Marcus’).  Refined with dark, confessional, lyrics about broken relationships, missed chances and deep regrets, Home Recordings is an outstanding collection of well-produced beats and well delivered melody lines.  If you’re as jaded as I was, this’ll pull you back.