Dead River Kings – Jaded and Blind EP

Renowned futurist architecture Luigi Ferrara is possibly best known for his belief in the power of imagination.  In order to solve todays problems, Ferrara claims, it is vital that we hold a clear vision of what we want instead.  Using the design and creation of large buildings as his metaphor, Ferrara holds that until we can come up with a solution to a problem, it will persist.

Southern America styled rockers Dead River Kings seem to have no issues at all in imagining who they are and what they want to be; hard rocking, fast living, guitar solo’ing, partyers.  Clearly defined across their 3 track ‘Jaded and Blind’ EP, the Kings work tirelessly to create a consistent sound and image for themselves, branding themselves cleverly as modern day rockers.

Interesting, given the later messages of the EP, Jaded starts off with (a self-titled track) tales of getting old and cynical.  Set to a blistering heavy rock sound, and strong riffs, it’s perhaps the most downbeat of the EP’s messages on the EP.

The band maintain their Black-Crowes styled sound across later tracks ‘247365’ (a cleverly titled pun on partying all day and night) and ‘Pipe of gold’, switching their messages to classic rock ideologies of living life to the full and pursing your dreams – ironically the opposite of being jaded.  Positive messages blend particularly well against the Kings sound, which makes a point of bringing out the best elements of American rock music; sharp grooves, classic riffs, intensity and clever guitar solos.

With interesting time changes, epic drum riffs and stratospheric vocals, this EP is a fine demonstration of a band keen to be taken seriously as musicians, and also a sound which demands fans play air guitar along to.  The Dead River Kings may not be creating buildings, but they certainly have a clear vision of what they want to achieve, and an aim of building something which lasts for a long time.  Classic rock fans watch out.