Peter Hook. 5.3.2020

Creator of not just a musical sound, but also a performance style, Peter Hook surely defines what it means to be a rock iconoclast.  Credited with writing some of the finest pop/rock/electronic tracks of the modern era Hook has a back-catalogue others can only dream of.

Damian Robinson caught up with Peter to find out more about returning to the North East for Stockton Calling with The Light.

The production you did on local favourite act ‘The Radio set’ remains a favourite for NE Volume.

Ah thanks, yeah, that was one of those production roles that was enjoyable.  Producing wasn’t enjoyable for a while, but that was a great song to work on.   Great little song that one.

Stockton Calling is going to be the first show for Peter Hook and The Light this year; are you excited?

I really really am.  I’m not just saying that.  We’ve got a busy year and I can’t wait to get back playing.  Stockton’s going to be the first show and we’re rehearsing for it so that we’re ready to play and we’re ready.  I’ve been doing an audio book for the past few months which I thought was going to take a couple of weeks and I’m desperate to get out playing.

You’re possibly the largest name to ever play Stockton Calling, do you enjoy playing places away from the major cities?

I love it.  I really do.  When we first started in Joy Division we played loads of out of the way locations and places and they were always really interesting.  Then around the mid-80s these huge promoters and venues came in and dominated a lot of the British live scene, making the venues very similar and taking the fun out of some of the live shows.  Places like Stockton, and events like Stockton Calling, are essential because they take that power away from the corporate promoters and put it back in the hands of more interesting local promoters who create these local, enjoyable, events and take more risks.  Stockton Calling and similar festivals are essential to the live music scene.

What’s planned for the rest of your year after Stockton?

I’ve just finished getting some old memorabilia ready to auction and then we’re on tour around the world playing the ‘Unkown Pleasures’ and ‘Closer’ albums in full.  That’s provided this coronavirus holds off and doesn’t ruin things.  But you can tell the good people of Stockton that we’ll be up ready to play, tell them to take loads of vitamins and stay healthy and come and have a good time.

Peter Hook and The Light play Stockton Calling.