November 2019

Depeche Mode – I feel you

The first track on the album on repeat on the car this month. Gahan singing from the back of his throat in the sound of (then) modern soul. Dirty, out of control, impassioned rock.

Kiss – Rock & Roll All Nite

Great show in Newcastle by tribute act Hotter than Hell which demonstrated what a great tribute band should do; have fun, enjoy playing the part and picking the hits. You drive us wild, we’ll drive you crazy.

Erin Rae – Putting on Airs

The power of live music raises it’s head on a cold, dark, November evening in London. I looked for something to help me and found the lovely Erin Rae and her wonderful band. The support act, Late King Daisy, reminds me of Mark Knofler, which gets me….

Dire Straits – Romeo and Juliet

…Thinking back to many a night in my teens refusing to go to sleep and listening to my dad’s Dire Strait’s tape on my headphones over and over and over again. Always getting lost in the guitar playing. You and me babe…

The Cactus Blossoms – Missippi

It’s taken 6 months since my sister got me the entire dvd series for my birthday; but i’m finally at season 3 of Twin Peaks. Epsiode 3 finishing on this track has been my favourite moment so far; did someone say Chris Isaak?

Amber Mark – Mixer

A trip to see Gaz throws up three new, soul and funk based, belters. Stretch Limo still has it.

Leon Bridges – Coming Home

Melody Gordat – Baby I’m a fool

Lost Boyz – Music makes me high

Perhaps one of the greatest add-on’s of a live show is a show hosted by a DJ who knows what he/she’s doing. Pre Cauls and up jump the Lost Boyz. Boom.

Bruce Springsteen – There goes my miracle

Twice in a couple of months seems justified for a California sprinkled single – made even more poignant once you’ve seen the film. Brilliant single made even better when seen played live.

Michael Jackson – Butterflies

I went looking for some of my favourite music videos and came across the Brando cameo of You Rock My World. Living in the Invincible world for a couple of minutes I dug out my favourite from the album; written by a Brit I believe?

The Sugarcubes – Hit

Researching for a review which referenced the Sugarcubes, I drifted into this wonderful moment. In many ways, this wasn’t supposed to happen…

Lissie – Wild Wild West

Fuck me, Lynch hits another home run. I may not be convinced about everything Twin Peaks, but the soundtrack is outstanding

The Specials – BLM

A promise to myself to listen to each of Monjo’s 75 best albums of the year forces me to listen to this year’s Specials from track to track. BLM stands out as an absolute weapon; full of interesting narratives, funky guitars and typical spike. Brilliant.

Lyn Collins – Think (about it)

No one likes a Saturday morning drive in to work when you’re having to de-ice the car; there are some rare groove records that edge the pain away a little however….

Marcie Blane – Bobby’s girl

Lovely set up of this classic in last year’s Funny Cow film. Teenage longing with sugar sweet pop melodies…

La Casa De La Bomba – Brighton 64

Praise be to the dj at Das Bett for his pre-Ruts selections. I loved this little pop rocket/ surf/Ramones sound.

The Huntingtons – Be my baby

He did the same with this…

Makin time – Here is my number

And with this one also….

Hiss Golden Messenger – I need a teacher

Walking around Frankfurt to the Ruts gig I listen to album 69 of the Mojo list. Starting off with a vocal sound of Prince, and striding into a Gold-era Ryan Adams sound, what a fantastic find. Tell the truth dear, don’t be jaded.

Jamilia Woods – Betty

Number 68 in the list, what a wonderful blend of modern Jazz. I am not your typical girl, throw away that picture in your head.

Jerry Lee Lewis – Breathless

The great read by David Hepworth helped me to remember a classic from the Killer that he played when I saw him. What a show. Rock and Roll brother.

The Crystals – He’s a Rebel

It also gets me remembeing this soul/do-wop banger.

Bobby Fuller Four – I fought the law

As well as…

Vampire Weekend – This life

There’s something very Cocktail about this… Hey man, Brian, we got to get the show on the road…