Gaz Price. Down the Road.

Clearly harking back to the end of 1995, the new one from Gaz Price combines a collection of the 90s Brit Pop indie heroes into a catchy pop-indie-ditty.  Taking jangly acoustic chords (She’s electric) and narrative ideas (about fags and being round someone’s way) from Gallagher (N), mixing them with sneered, devil-may-care, vocals (Gallagher (L)) and popping them into a catching Mersey-beat (Cast – Finetime), Down the Road takes some of the best of 90s indie references and mixes them into a well written, well produced, track.  Passionately sung and played with force, Down the road finds Price in good form; singing as though he was halfway through a Stella whilst sticking two fingers up to anyone who dares question who he is or what he stands for.