The Indoor Kids. The Great Indoors.

If you like low slung, high in the mix, bass lines then the new one from County Durham’s Indoor Kids may be the best thing you’ve heard all year.

Loaded across five tracks, the common denominators in The Great Indoors EP are its post-punk ambience and menacing (Joy Division era) Peter Hook bass parts, both of which bridge an EP focused on tales of rebellion; whether that be priming yourself for a fight (‘Indoors kids’), being pulled into a scene that makes you feel lost (‘Down’) or being unsure about how to live your life (‘Risks’).

Collectively (aside from the slightly post rock feel to closer ‘Snakebite’) building into an EP with a consistent sense of purpose and sound, The Great Indoors, with its post-punk spiky guitars and pounding drums, knows it wants to kick out the jams.  It just doesn’t know who it wants to kick out at first.