Moonray. 15.5.21

Developing an interesting style of electro/synth/dream pop, Moonray, part of the alt-rock band Venus Grrrls, recently released ‘Morning Dew’, itself a vibrant, melodic, approach to ambience.  Returning later this month with a three-part EP entitled ‘Viriditas’, Moonray may be one of the most unique voices to watch out for.  Damian Robinson caught up with Moonray to find out more.

Hi Moonray, what a lovely piece of ambient pop Morning Dew is – could you tell us a little about it’s style and origins please?

Morning Dew is an improvisation that started from deep listening with my friend Victoria. One afternoon, Victoria and I were creating music in my room exploring our spirituality. I sat on the song for a couple of months then re-worked it by adding more instruments and producing the track.

And your artistic concept is also an interesting idea – who and what is Moonray?

Moonray is my AI alter ego. She represents the themes and topics I explore within Viriditas. She symbolises the development and growth of technology and how we portray ourselves online or how we may start portraying ourselves online.

Morning Dew forms part of a longer Ep – Viriditas – which is due out in late May. Can you tell us about how many tracks are on the EP and perhaps give us a clue about their titles or an overall theme for the EP?

The EP consists of three tracks, ’Curlews’ which is about our connection with nature and encroaching wildlife. Acedia (2045) which explores grief and isolation as well as the 2045 Initiative; the concept of uploading our consciousness online.  The final track is Morning Dew which is about my own personal experience with spirituality, nature and goddess wisdom. I really wanted to represent the cycles in life, so the EP starts on quite a positive note, into the Otherworld then back into the light at the end.

And can we expect a similar ambient/dream style of music across the EP or is Morning Dew a deliberate off balance compared to the remaining EP?

The other two tracks are more experimental, Morning Dew is the most relaxing one from the EP. I am interested in seeing how people interpretate the other two tracks.

Finally – does Moonray have any plans outside of this EP? Can we expect follow up Ep’s or any future live/digitial events?

I will be releasing various freelance work under Moonray from now on. I am currently composing music for a ballet so I will be releasing this later in the year. I would also love to explore doing digital events and using body mapping at events.

Morning Dew is out now.  Viriditas will be released Monday 28th May.