False Advertising

2016 was a pinnacle year for Manchester’s False Advertising in creating their version of the perfect sound for youthful rebellion.  Combining feedback-drenched guitars with pop sensible lyrics, the Falser’s have created a unique style that sounds like Grunge but reads like teenage scribbles in the toilets of your local nightclub.

Awards from the Manchester Evening News for their self-titled debut album, and from Total Guitar as ‘Guitarists to watch’ have justifiably proved that you can strip away all of the politics of punk and still be left with a sound that has shock value AND attitude AND anger.

It’s a feat that is difficult to do, and led by frontwoman Jen Hingley, the band use a female vocal to produce a complete sound that is close to the Runaways and Elastica both in terms of style and substance.

Live, the Advertiser’s bring an edge and energy that removes any notion of sweet and innocence when standing in front of an amp and some distortion guitar pedals.  Stylistically they’re as close to anything you’d ever see in a Bret Easton-Ellis; cool, hip and intellectual.

On an 11 day world tour, which includes a stop over at SXSW, False Advertising will be visiting the Nemix studio in Newcastle for what promises to be a high energy gig.  With the Nemix studio gaining a reputation as one of the go to venues, both in terms of sound quality and intimacy, this is a show that is well worth checking out.

Please don’t write on the toilet walls though…