Holy Rees – Slow down

Following up a recent teaming up on the lovely ‘Your place’ single, Holly Rees and Matt Dunbar are back together, collaboratively, with ‘Slow down’, a five-track EP written and sung by Rees and produced by Dunbar.

Carrying on the intimate, wistful, spirit of ‘Your place’, ‘Slow down’ owes much of it’s success to a mid-tempo, acoustic, high-lonesome feel which focuses on a stripped back, acoustic, guitar part and emotive vocal line.

‘Magpie’ and ‘Arm’s’ stand out as the EP’s highlights, both equally intimate in their narrative about private aspirations and hesitations about reaching for goals which appear ever so slightly out of reach.  Neither bashful or anxious, both songs thrive in their ability to create empathy in the listener; I’m sure we all know the feeling of being unsure of our next step.

Well produced, Slow down is both up close and personal in a style reminiscent of Evan Dando’s solo work.