Marq electonica – Wildlife

Maintaining an impressive level of creative output in 2020, and clearly keeping busy during the lockdown period, one-man music machine MARQ Electronica returns to the pop charts fully wearing his solo outfit attire. 

Stepping outside of some fine, recent, collaborative work (as part of electro rock-sters Sapien Trace and trip-hop pioneers The Last of The Fallen Angels respectively) Wildlife sees MARQ fully in control of his output; this time choosing to dress himself up in a full-on synth pop outfit.

Full of catchy melodies and funky tunes, Wildlife is an easy to access record full of the type of celebratory life and vigour that’s hard to fake.  Part Pet Shop boys in it’s narration of tales of everyday life, and part Erasure in it’s 80’s dancefloor synth textures, Wildlife is nothing if not full of confidence and bravado.

And whilst Wildlife may not hit artistic the highs of this year’s Sapien or Angels releases it is another fine record to add to an impressive 2020 collection.