Tomb of the unknown. Waiting for you.

Starting as a seemingly gentle acoustic number, the interesting twist with Waiting for You is its unforeseen blossoming into a grunge-sounding trawl into the darkness and despair of a broken relationship.   Centred around a recurring chorus which is part confident (‘did you think I would waste my time waiting for you!?’) and part heartbroken (‘so I guess I’ll walk away’) ‘Waiting’ is an attempt to create the sound, and feel, of heartbreak by combining emotive lyrics and emotive guitar sounds.   Seemingly rooted in Pearl Jam influences, the result of Waiting is a layered, moving, exploration of the pain of heartbreak.  Slightly lacking in production, and the decision to place the vocals so low in the final mix, Waiting is slightly unhinged in it’s listening experience though it’s intent, and ultimate execution, are well worth a listen.