We built a mountain – lyrical medicine

Yorkshire based ‘We Built a Mountain’ have spent the best part of the past 12 months developing a  reputation as an original, and interesting, indie rock outfit with strong intentions to shake things up.

With their growing reputation as a solid live outfit creating a buzz for their debut single, it’s nice to see ‘Lyrical medicine’ taking some of that raw live power and capturing it in the studio.

Centred around an intense, almost Adam and the Ants, tribal drum pattern, ‘medicine’ owes much of it’s success to a tight structure and semi-hypnotic feel.   Cleverly altering the drum sound and rhythm across the track, the emotive narrative behind medicine is reinforced through a style of drumming which is gentle/restrained in the verse and pounding in the chorus.  If there was a standout element of ‘medicine’ it would certainly be the drumming.

On top of this solid foundation, Mountain incorporate clever, art/indie, guitar lines and fine vocals.  Complementing each other nicely, each element adds to the creation of a debut which takes effects driven guitars, fine lead guitar lines and layered harmonies to produce an indie track which would be as equally at home on the dance floor as it would in a mosh or circle pit.

A last word must be to the production of the track, which given that this is a debut, is stellar.   The way that the track incorporates interesting tempo changes, solo and layered vocal parts, and moments of dropping guitar lines in and out of the main mix all add to a single which offers something different with each listen.  Terrific.