Mongeese. 8.4.17

Mongeese formed in late 2014 in the tropical city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
After meeting, and swiftly bonding over shared influence from Progressive rock from ‘Yes’, ‘The Physics House band’ and ‘Tool’ and, 2000’s Math-Rock and Ambient music, they’ve neatly crafted their own niche. Luscious Jazzy chord progressions with monotonous driving rhythms suddenly explode into dissonant Post-Hardcore noise, laden with odd-time signatures. In a time filled with apathy, Mongeese create something daring and unpredictable but with surprising pop sensibility.

Damian: Mongeese are very creative, very psychedelic, where does that sound come from?

Mongeese (laughing) I don’t even know.  We’ve always liked prog and bands like Yes so when we started playing it just sort of took off from there really.  A lot of bands seem just to want to be in a math-rock band but we don’t want to limit ourselves in any way.  If anything we want to be bit heavier.

Damian: That makes sense.

Mongeese: Most of our songs start from a riff and then we write a groove to it.  To be fair I don’t think we sit and jam out the record from the riff, there’s a high chance that we’ll sit and talk about the riff first and collectively agree on the sound, trying to figure out how we should sound and the order of sections.  We try to look for counterpoint.

Damian: There’s a lot of intricacies to your music, do you find it difficult to replicate live?

Mongeese: They can be.  Some of the parts can be difficult to play so we have to take our preparation seriously.  We can’t go and get hammered before a show otherwise we wouldn’t be able to play the tracks. If I’ve ever thought we’d had a poor show it may be smaller sections of the song, like not hitting the right effects pedal, which perhaps the audience may miss as they wouldn’t be aware of that part to the song.  It can ruin my night though.

Damian: How excited are you for Evolution Emerging?

Mongeese: We can’t wait.  We love a lot of the bands on the line up and we always love playing, so it’ll be a great day.  The fact that it’s local means we can see a lot more friends and family too.  We’re putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to perform well, and every practice we do we’re focused on making sure we have a blinding show.

Damian: Is there anyone you’re especially looking forward to see?

Mongeese: Cauls and Eat Fast.  Pretty much everyone to be fair.  It’s a mega line up.

Damian: Will you have a tour day schedule?

Mongeese: We’ll go out through the day to check some bands out, then come in and practice before we do our show.

Damian: What do the next 6-12 months look like?

Mongeese: There will be a 2, or 3, track release in the summer hopefully and then writing some more songs in autumn time, and then touring them early next year.