Social Room. 17.7.18

Sunderland based ‘Social Room’ have been moving from strength to strength since their formation.  Now selling out North East venues, and working in the studio with legendary producer Dave Stewart, the band are looking to progress their sound even further.  Damian Robinson caught up with Social vocalist Matty Smith to find out more about their recent work and upcoming shows.

You played the Tall Ships last week, your first show in Sunderland since December.  How was it?

It was brilliant.  We headlined the show on the Friday night and loved it.  There’s an agreement in the band that our intention is to put on a good show, so instead of just playing in the same place every few weeks, we’d rather wait a while for an interesting opportunity and make it special.

Great idea.  Are you planning your next Sunderland show already?

We are yes, we’re looking to do something around November or December.  We’re talking with a few venues now and trying to make the dates work.  There’s no date or venue agreed yet but we’ll be back in Sunderland before Christmas for sure.

And you’ll have your new material out before then?

We will yes.  Our new EP ‘Brightside’ will be out in August, we’re just waiting for the release date.

That’s the work you’ve done with Dave Stewart?

That’s right yes.  He’s produced the work and it’s sounding amazing.  We did some recording across in Newcastle at Blast studios.  Dave was there for one of the days.  Everything else he did remotely.

That must have been something special for you?

It was amazing.  Dave is such a nice, down to earth, bloke that he’s not intimidating to work with even though you know how many great people he’s worked with over the years.  He came to the studio and worked with us to put his polish over the recordings.  He’s made the EP sound amazing and we really couldn’t say nicer things about him.

He seems like such an inspired producer.  What’s the plan for the next few months now that the EP is almost ready?

We’ve got a few shows to do, one in London in Camden which we’re excited about as we like to play new places.  The other one will be in Stockton.  We’ve played Stockton and Middlesbrough quite a few times and the crowds are always blinding.  Stockton and Boro have such a lively scene so the band are really excited to get back and play.  After this we’re going to do some work with some PR people to help support the EP and try to help it reach some new places.

Social Room’s new EP ‘Brightstar’ will be out in August.  The band will play Stockton’s Ku Bar on 11th August.  Details about the EP and live show can be found on