Echolines. 3.4.17

Damian: Hi Jon, how’s it going?

Jon: Good thanks, we’re driving back now from a recording session for our new album called ‘Breathe’.  We’ve just recorded 2 tracks which means we’ve got 7 in total now.  We‘ll record 6 or 7 more and then we’ll cherry pick the best ones for the album.

Damian: Good to hear.  Is there a release date?

Jon: We’re pretty prolific at writing songs and there’s some good material being written now which we don’t want to discount just yet, but there’s a few festival dates in our diary for July and August so we want the album out by the time of the shows.

Damian: (Laughing) That sounds like a pretty hard deadline for the album then.

Jon: Yeah, there may be a battle between some of the songs when it comes to the final album choices.

Damian: We really liked the Costa Silencio EP, is the album sounding similar?

Jon: It is, it’s definitely sounding pretty lively (Laughing).  We’ve got a harder edge to us than ever before, and our recent recordings are perhaps even heavier than the EP.  We’ve gone for a 12 track album so that we can showcase some of the breadth of the band, so there’ll be some melancholy sounding tracks, some lively tracks and some electronic elements as well.  We’ll have the album out on digital platforms and perhaps also a limited vinyl release.

Damian: Wow, that sounds really interesting. Do you have a vision for the album?

Jon: We hope to get some positive press and reviews for the album as we think it’s going to be worth listening to and worth promoting.  We’d love to work with an indie label on the distribution of the album so that we can increase it’s reach.

Damian: And once it’s finished you’re then off touring the album.  I saw some comments from people who were at your Riverside gig recently and they were all very complimentary of your performance

Jon:  Yeah it was a really good show.  We seem to be getting a really authentic crowd which is really nice and we’re performing better with each show.

Damian: We’ll be down to see you at the Hardwick festival event.  You must be excited to play on a bill as good as that?

Jon: We genuinely can’t wait for the show.  It’s going to be a real honour to play at Hardwick, especially alongside all of the bands on the lineup.

Damian: You’ll be sticking around afterwards then to check out some of the bands?

Jon: We can’t as it happens. We’re straight up to Coquetfest after the show as we’re playing a set there on the evening.  It’s shaping up to be one of the best days ever for the band doing both shows in one day.  Some of us may head back down to Hardwick after we play to see Ocean Colour Scene, and the rest of us will stay at Coquetfest.  We’ll just see how the day goes. We’ve done a lot of hard work this year and it’s good to see that it’s beginning to pay off and we’re being offered some great events.

Damian: Final question, you’ve done a lot of work with the ZyNg tapes recently.  For our readers that don’t know who ZyNg are, can you say a few words about them and your role with that?

Jon: We got asked to be involved with ZyNg after they saw us perform.  They do some great compilations of music with proceeds going to Shelter and War Child, so we’re really happy to be involved with such a good cause.  First and foremost, we are music fans and believe in the transformational elements of music and how it can impact the world around us.  If some of our music can help such good causes, we’re really happy to help.  I’d really recommend to anyone interested in good causes that they check out ZyNg.

Damian: I’d second that.  But I’d also recommend that they checked you guys out as well!