The Vegan Leather. Poor girls/ broken boys

2018’s Meet the North may not have been particularly well attended, but it did pull an absolute rabbit out of the hat with a wild performance by Paisley’s The Vegan Leather.  If, of course, it’s alright for Vegans to pull rabbits out of hats… Back in focus with the release of their debut album, the Vegan’s prove that their Newcastle show was by no means a fluke; rather a standard day in the office by a band with a unique taste for funky pop music and filled with great songs.    In parts so sickly sweet it’ll give you toothache, PG/BB blends 80’s Duran Duran pop funk with, er, 80’s Talking Heads afro funk to create an album designed for the dance floor but cleverly layered with below-the-surface messages about personal accountability and the struggle for existence.  Brilliant and sharp.