Charlotte Grayson – Drunk girls

If the current texture of popular music leans towards the likes of dark moodiness and rebellion of Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X, then Charlotte Grayson goes the other way with new track Drunk Girls.  Staying away from moody and nightmare textures, Grayson takes a gentle, but catchy, guitar line and uses it to conjure a country/lullaby soundtrack which is up, accessible, and not a million miles away from The Coral’s ‘In the morning’.   Seemingly sweet, Drunks hook becomes apparent in Grayson’s lyrics and peel the surface back a little on the track and you’ll find the key; circling conversations about drunken/ docile behaviour and a stinging attack on apathetic, regimented, conversations about cheap outfits and poorly designed eyebrows.   Finding a way to balance the ‘sugary’ pop sound of the track with it’s ‘soury’ theme, Grayson proves that you don’t always need to be obviously annoyed to convey a moody message.