Cult Figures. Insides.

Sounding like a blend of (early era) Manics, and (Use your Illusion) Guns n’ Roses Teeside’s alternative rock ‘Cult Figures’ prove that thrash glam can be a forceful way of telling someone, in no uncertain terms, what you think of them.

As a means of communicating this emotion, the direct lyrics attacking the protagonist (“It’s time to be on your way- I’m not sure if you can be forgiven”) would be sufficient enough to make it’s point, but the sentiment is given further weight by a James-Dean Bradfield sounding guitar line and an open mouthed, distorted, vocal track, both of which battle it out to be the main hook of the song.

Whichever wins, it’s certainly the vocal delivery that takes the song into a world that seems to have been deliberately constructed to have a dark, Hollywood b-movie, nightmare feeling about it, similar to say the comic setting of the Misfits.  You know that this is a joke, but you’re not sure if you should laugh.

Whether or not the Cult Figure are able to clear their insides of the individual in question remains to be seen, but they’ve certainly left a good soundtrack for the rest of us.