Overall Studios. 17.2.17

I think it’s a fair belief to hold that the best bands, and the best music scenes, have always been created in, and centred around, a specific location.


The Velvets had Warhols’ Factory, the New York punks and new wavers had CBGBs, the West Coast Psych-rock scene had the Whisky-a-go-go, the London punks had The Roxy…. we could go on and on all night with further examples.


If I wanted to prove the point further, I have no doubt that if I referenced certain venues you’d be able to indicate which scene, or bands, were associated with them.  Let’s try with two examples… The Cavern Club and the Richmond Station Hotel.   See.  It’s not difficult is it? (Did you get both?)


It’s not just performance venues that are important to the creation of a scene, it may also be the choice of recording studio.  Abbey Road and Electric Lady Land studio are probably the two best known examples, but if you have a few minutes check out the ‘Standing in the Shadows of Motown’ documentary and listen to the suggestion that Motown’s decline had as much to do with moving recording venues as it did with changing their main acts.


In the context of creating and supporting a scene, it’s nice to see that the North East now has a new champion for the performance and recording of music; Washington’s very own ‘Overall Studios’.


Designed as a multipurpose venue, ‘Overall’ has been created with one goal in mind; to offer performing artists a venue to play, record, and be creative, at incredibly reasonable rates.


To officially launch the venue, studio/venue owner Barry Appleton is hosting the first of Overall’s (soon-to-be-regular) live events at the studio with a show featuring three very fine acts; Edenthorn, Coma Violet and The Voyd.


As an extra twist, and in testimony to the multi-purpose facilities of Overall, the event will be recorded live and form a major scene in the future feature vampire film ‘Lost ones’; itself a homage to 1980s coming of age/comedy/horrors like the Goonies and the Lost Boys.


We spoke to Barry about the gig, the film and his hopes for the studio/venue to contribute to the North East music scene.


NE: Hi Barry, tell us about the gig

Barry: The gig will be amazing- all of the bands are amazing.  It’ll also be a great opportunity to show off the venue and the studio after the work we’ve put into it.  All of the team who have worked on the studio are really proud of how good it looks and sounds.


NE: It looks great, and there’s so many opportunities to use the venue, whether it be for playing live, or recording or filming, I’m sure I noticed a green screen?

Barry: Ha, you did yes.  To be fair, getting back to the show, we’re really looking forward to putting on an event that brings together three great bands and also provides a great space for Tony, the film director, and his project. I’m hoping people will come down to check out either the venue, or the bands, or the film; if not all three.  It’s really important that the North East has a vibrant music, film and art community and I’d really like this venue to support that scene.


NE: And the Lost Ones, tell us a bit about that?

Barry: Tony will be down to record the show and the crowd.  He wants to create a really lively show.  Edenthorn have such a good live sound and I’m sure they’ll create a red hot atmosphere on the night.  I’ve been roped in to play one of lead vampires, so god only knows what the night will bring.


NE: It sounds great, we’ll see you there ready to rock.