Weekend Sun. Caught in a machine.

If they hadn’t been careful, Weekend Sun’s ‘ones to watch’ campaign could have been there undoing. Championed in the local and national press, and mentioned countless times by Craig Charles, the difficulty was always going to be in turning the buzz into a meaningful, important, recording; how many times have we seen local bands struggle to live up to the hype? Full of lovely, upbeat, funk and soul grooves ‘Caught in a machine’ does not let the hype down; in fact there’s enough quality here to suggest that there hasn’t been enough buzz around this release in the first place. Centred around a mid 90’s Acid-Jazz/ Brand New Heavies sound, ‘Caught’ has both an upbeat sound and a focused narrative; and whilst the songs may sound happy and sunny, cut them open and you’ll find them a lot deeper than they appear. Warm in the inside, crunchy on the outside; believe the hype.