Roxy Girls

Artist Profile: Roxy Girls

After spending some time in the labour intensive world of creativity, the word on the street is that Roxy Girls are now settled with a style and a sound which they find inspiring.  Luckily for us, that’s quite a style and sound.


Part serious punk, part slapstick pop, Roxy Girls seem to aim for the dancefloor with lick-heavy guitars, yet play with their audience by continually altering their song structures and rhythms.  Early references have been levied toward intellectual art-rock bands like Franz Ferdinand and Talking Heads, not bad at all for a group still to release their debut EP.


We’ve not got long to wait with the EP, produced by Dave Curle, arriving in mid February, followed shortly after by a launch gig.  It’ll be interesting to see if their hard creative work pays off  -we’re sure it will.

Track Pick:

Dangerous Driving – Using a groove based, funk driven, blend of new wave meets Gang of Four, the Roxers kick out the jams through use of spiky Talking Heads style guitars and Slits style tribal drumming.  Interesting word play about, er, driving dangerously, creates images of Sam Shephard and Karl Hyde cut and paste style lyrics; equal parts serious to slapstick.  This is a great place to start their introduction to the world.