The Aqua Velvas – Lee Duffy

Arriving with minimal press release, or without the usual large, context setting, interviews most artists seem to need to centre their output, The Aqua Velvas set up Lee Duffy as a pop puzzle.  Who exactly was Lee Duffy and exactly what is the language we are trying to learn?  More importantly, and perhaps the deepest riddle of all, what makes a modern pop band so confident in their work that they don’t need to post references to it all over social media?  Do they think they’re David Bowie or something?

Leaning into the core strengths provided on previous LP ‘Doomsday Bell’, the Aqua Velva collective shine brightest when they bring in the most intellectual/romantic moments of Roxy Music’s second album (precise vocals, witty refrains, superb saxophone solos) and mix them with some of the chugging guitar undertones of garage rock collectives like The Germs.

Taking the path least tread, and leaving almost everything to the listener’s imagination, this is a statement of considerable artistic intent.