ETHR – Nights

Whilst many of us promised ourselves infinite levels of productivity during lockdown, the reality seemed to be that fear and anxiety stopped us from being particularly creative. 

So fair play to anyone who was able to remain productive during lockdown; particularly those who took on big creative projects which needed vast amounts of focus and concentration; like reinventing the sound and image of your band for example.

Returning with a difference, Darlington’s folk outfit Harri Endersby have reinvented themselves as ETHR during the past months, a new creative project born of, in their words, lockdown, experimentation and quiet revolution.   Leading off with debut single ‘Nights’ the promise of ETHR and their new stylisation sounds interesting; minimal folk/Americana sounds combined with whisperings of narration about travel, destruction and disruption.  Sounding like Laura Marling circa ‘Once I was an eagle’ ‘nights’ is a lovely piece of pop which signposts huge potential.