Seann Walsh. 17.2.20

Back out on a new tour, Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Seann Walsh is heading back out on tour this spring with his hotly anticipated new show Same Again?  Wanting to be a stand-up comedian from the age of 10 Same Again? tells Seann’s story of how he got here, from growing up in Brighton to gathering a slew of TV credits and glowing reviews and ultimately becoming a tabloid villain.  Damian Robinson caught up with Seann to find out more about the show and about dreams of playing the North Pole.

We can see from your socials that you’ve been out doing a lot of work on your upcoming tour; are you able to tell us a little about how the work in progress shows have been going and what the theme for the show is likely to be?

The show is actually a greatest bits show but there’ll be new stuff as well. I’m not really sure. I’ll know when I get there. I’m terrible at self-promotion. 

You’ll be bringing the show to Middlesbrough Town Hall in early April as part of quiet an extensive national tour.  Do you notice any difference in humour across the country and does this influence where you play at all?  

I would say the further north you go, the more people like to laugh. I’d love to play the North Pole. 

Are there any differences in humour you notice as you tour, specifically in a North East crowd? Yes. They are more drunk. 

Some comics try to stay away from social media as it often tends to leaks show plot lines or punch lines.  As you’re fairly prominent on Social media, how, if at all, has social media impacted onto the tactics you use to keep your tour a surprise to those who haven’t seen the show yet? 

Not everyone that follows you will be at the show and vice verca so I really don’t mind posting things and doing them live. 

Coming with a huge vote of confidence (“Unquestionably the best observational comic of his generation” (The Guardian)) from various outlets of the national press, and on such hot form he needs to play the North Pole, Seann Walsh will be playing Middlesbrough Town Hall on April 5th.