Looking for interesting, and seldom explored, aspects of popular culture, award-winning comic Justin Moorhouse has developed a strong reputation for creating thought-provoking comedy out of often-overlooked parts of societal norms.  Regular contributions to Radio 4’s The News Quiz and 5 Live’s Fighting Talk, as well his own creative production with his Radio 4 sitcom Everyone Quite Likes Justin and critically acclaimed podcast, About 30 Minutes, No More Than 45, offer sufficient evidence that Moorhouse is an expert in finding humor in both the mundane as well as the complicated aspects of navigating the modern world.

Developing this style further Moorhouse’s current subject matter, explored in Northern Joker, is an examination of his own uncertainty.  Uncertain about the complicated structures of current socio-economic structures (a looming Brexit, the creation of an apparent reboot of the Cold War and a complete uncertainty of America’s policies) as well as uncertainties in his personal circumstances (redundancy as a parent with one child leaving home, the dog getting older and needing fewer walks and the youngest child cancelling the family subscription of the Beano) Moorhouse’s contemplation is to ask where do these uncertainties leave him as a comic?  Is his life, and it’s complexities, the subject matter for comedy?  Likewise, where does his style of comedy fit inside a culture which has seen the ‘Northern straight white male comedian’ become something of a relic and out of touch?

Given four and five star ratings at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, ‘Northern Joker’ is a show not worth missing if you like interesting, contemplative, comedy which finds a great blend between comedy and tragedy.


venue:              The Stand Comedy Club NEWCASTLE

Dates:              Sunday 17th February

Time:                7.30pm

Box Office:        0191 300 9700

Online:              thestand.co.uk