His Lordship. 22.2.23

Rock ‘n’ roll duo HIS LORDSHIP have announced a UK headline tour for Spring 2023.

If you didn’t get the chance to see their July show at the Cluny, then you may have missed one of the finest live performances in the North East of 2022.  Made up of two rollicking musicians, guitarist James Walbourne (The Pretenders, The Pogues, The Rails) and Kristoffer Sonne (Chrissie Hynde, Willie Nelson), HIS LORDSHIP are about as ferociously rock and roll as you can hope to get.  Damian Robinson caught up with James and Kris ahead of new music releases and some shows in Newcastle and Stockton. 

Last years show at the Cluny was red-hot, congratulations, how are you feeling about the new tour?

We can’t wait, we love to play live and the type of music we’re playing seems to go down really well.  The Cluny show was a really good one if I remember and I remember Kris getting lost behind a curtain somewhere, so it’s the usual type of show.

It’s a pretty ferocious pace you play at, how are you able to maintain that energy for every show?

Thank you, I don’t think we know to be honest, this is just what we do and the second we step on stage I think the adrenaline kicks in, and then we get the energy of the crowd, which helps push the energy further.  We’ve played live in different forms for so long that it’s hard to describe what happens, but I guess all I can say is that we really love what we’re doing, it’s joyous, and it’s the excitement that takes over us.

You’ve got the smart suits and also really strong visuals, is that a deliberate statement of intent and what you want to achieve?

Absolutely, yes, we’re really clear about where we want to go, and what we plan to do.  Firstly we’d like to be one hundred percent independent, and secondly we’re clear about how we present ourselves.  This year we also want to take our music to the states.  So there’s a plan for the band and we’re really committed to that plan and tyring to do it all ourselves and keep independent.

The states are going to love your blend of rock and roll

Thank you, we hope so.  But before we get over there we’ve been in the studio recording two songs, Buzzkill and Joyboy.  We’ve recorded them with David Wrench, who’s amazing and did the recent Spiritualized album, so we’re excited for those to come out and to get this tour going.

So there’s new music and new shows coming soon

Absolutely, there’s a few challenges with the backlog in vinyl pressing at the minute, but we’ll have music out soon and we’ll be ready to play in the North East for sure. 



Stockton – NE Volume