Suun – The Witness

Critics often try to find rationale behind art.  Often they’re completely wrong and jumping to the incorrect conclusions.  But… humour this one please.  The new LP from Montreal’s SUUNS is a noticeable departure from their previous album; where Felt was filled with loud and brash electro, The Witness is intentionally full of measured, relaxed, electronic pop.  All in all, The Witness sounds, well, it sounds Parisian.  And herein lies the leap of faith; Suun bandmember, Ben Shemie, decamps to Paris et voila within the space of an album there’s an influx of Air-styled, electronic, dream pop.  Similar in ambience to Moon Safari, The Witness is an album of melodic synths, vocoded vocals and Parisian style and culture.  Makes you want to live in Paris.