March 2022

The style council – my ever changing moods

I’m sure I had this down at about the same time last year – it must sound like the sound of Spring; all warm and filled with new beginnings. Such an amazing song.

Lo-Fidelity Allstars- live – 1998

The swagger of Gallagher, the lyrics of Hyde, the bass of Prince and the grooves of the Propellerheads. You can’t really get much better – especially on their debut. Allstarstakingover.


Up until Language, Sex, Violence, Other I never really ‘got’ the Phonics – and after said album I only ‘got’ them in parts. Pick a Part was the first single I really thought was standout – what a superb melody!! Superman is their best ever, but this pushes it close.

Can you dig it- Mock Turtles

Totp 2 grills this inside of my mind

Deacon Blue – Fergus sings the blues

Deacon Blue gets caught in my brain towards the end of the month – always loved the bext of the ‘Blue.; especially this.

Ann Peebles – 99 lbs

The sweest soul song.

Brenda Lee- Someday you’ll want me to want you

Such a good addition to the Novice soundtrack.

Too late for teasr – Sam Cooke

The best voice of all time?

The Ascencions- forget it

I love you Madly – Donnie Myles and The Dukes

Brenda Lee – I’m sorry

Funny – Sammy Talylor