bigFATbig – Dont wanna

Taking the inputs of angry grunge/rock guitar bombast of L7, blending it with pop sensibilities reminiscent of The Go-Go’s, and adding a spice of Northern je ne sais quoi (local accents and regional wording) the output of bigFATbig’s new release lands somewhere with a foot in both the pop and heavy rock camp.  Driven by the type of catchy pop guitar lines The Lemonheads would be proud of, Don’t Wanna, with it’s empathetic narrative about climbing out of a downward spiral, is a driving, poppy, optimistic, track about escaping dark times and dark places.  I tried and tried to think of a suitable reference for the track, but I kept coming back to the Rocky soundtrack, and its similar message of personal struggle and overcoming the odds.  If there’s a Creed 3 we have the soundtrack.